Being mindful is defined as being conscious and aware of our surroundings. With the fast paced and busy world we live in right now, sometimes we tend to forgot how important it is to practice mindful thinking. Use these strategies to allow yourself to live in the present and have a happier life!

Start a Conversation with Anybody and Everybody

When most people find themselves left in solitude, their initial reaction is to reach for their pockets and grab their smartphones. The art of conversation is lost on many. Do not listen to what your parents told you! Conversing with strangers is amazing and it has numerous benefits!

5 Podcasts & 5 Reasons To Replace Music With Podcasts

Are you tired of constantly listening to the same music? Do you enjoy new and current entertainment? Then you should consider a switch to podcasts! If you enjoy gaining knowledge on a vast variety of topics in a new and engaging way, then podcasts are right for you!

Why Seeing a Therapist DOES NOT Make You Crazy

You would see a doctor when you suspect a broken bone. You would request a personal trainer when you are trying to improve your physical health. However, seeking mental health makes you loopy? There is an awful stigma around mental health and therapy that needs to be erased! A healthy brain leads to a healthy you.

How to Overcome Your Fear of Failure

Have you ever been so afraid of failing that your brain will subconsciously sabotage yourself or even worse prevent you from trying entirely? How can we use our fear of failure as an advantage instead of an exhausting hurdle?